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Tour Registration South Dakota 2024

Note: for comfort, we advise no more than 2 guests per room. Be aware that some hotels use double beds instead of queens.

A separate form must be completed for each guest. If you are traveling with a spouse or travel partner(s), please list their name(s) below so we’ll know who to place in your room when we receive their form(s).

NOTE: These tours are not suitable for some individuals with mobility issues. There is a lot of walking, stairs, and some rough or uneven terrain. There is no guarantee that attractions, buildings, restaurants, restrooms, etc. will be handicap accessible.
NOTE: If you have motion sickness, please prepare and bring medication, sick bags, etc. Please be aware that the tour directors will have the first 2 seats in each row reserved at the front of the motorcoach. We cannot accommodate anyone with special seats. (seats are not assigned)



* List your name as it appears on your Driver’s License. List how it appears on your Passport if tour leaves the U.S.
For tours including a military base or other government buildings, we are required to turn in each person’s Driver’s License number and birthdate prior to the trip.
We need to know anything that will set off a metal detector / security scanner or that requires special recognition prior to scanning. List details below if you have something not listed so we will know to alert security prior to entering a building, etc. with a scanner.
List any other details you feel we should know prior to the tour.

Click the button to submit your form. (you should get a confirmation)
If you can’t submit, make sure you didn’t skip a required question.