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Note: If you are purchasing the credit(s) for someone else, list their information here and purchaser information in the 2nd section below.
For the person listed on the NCL CruiseFirst Credit(s), we need their full legal name as it appears on their passport!

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***The $250 option is currently available through March 21, 2024 (10:59PM CST)
To redeem your CruiseFirst Credit(s) CFC(s), contact Anderson Travel and Tours and let us know which cruise you'd like to book ( If you are registering for one of our group cruises listed on this website, you will just select "apply my existing CruiseFirst Credit (CFC) to the depoist for this cruise). Contact Michelle Arena with questions. 205-966-6646
CFC(s) are charged in either USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, BRL or MXN Pesos. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase or receive a transferred CFC. Credit card payments accepted only and only one credit card per transaction is permitted. A maximum of ten (10) CFC(s) may be purchased per person. Each CFC can only be applied in full and cannot be divided as payment for multiple reservations.
CFC(s) can be applied as stateroom deposits/payment towards new reservations ONLY. Voyage date must be at least one hundred twenty (120) days from original purchase date. CFC(s) are only valid for sailings of six (6) days or longer. A CFC can be applied to satisfy full deposit requirement for stateroom categories up to and including Club Balcony Suite or can be applied as partial payment towards a higher category. New reservations must be in the same currency as your CFC. CFC(s) are not applicable towards canceled/rebooked reservations. If a guest with an existing reservation cancels and rebooks the same ship and sail date with a CFC, the CFC will be removed.
NCL CruiseFirst Credits (CFC's) do not expire. Only one CFC may be used per stateroom. No black-out dates apply to the use of a CFC. Reservations are subject to availability. CFC(s) are not combinable with CruiseNext Credits (including Haven and Sixthman CruiseNext Credits), chartered cruises, incentive cruises, barter cruises, employee discount(s), friends and family discount(s), Sailaway (categories: IX, OX, BX, MX), interline, non-NCLU travel partner rates, Bingo Winners, or Diamonds Resort International bookings.
CFC(s) are non-refundable, have no cash value and are not redeemable or exchangeable for cash, except where required by law. Credits are unable to be applied in partial values. CFC(s) are transferable to another guest at no charge. Once transferred, the new CFC owner is subject to all CFC terms and conditions. The original CFC owner forfeits all rights of ownership once the transfer has been completed.
In the event of a cancellation PRIOR to final payment, the amount of the CruiseFirst Credit (CFC) will be refunded back to the owner's NCL Account by the TRAVEL SUPPLIER (Norwegian Cruise Line) to use on a future NCL cruise.
ANDERSON TRAVEL AND TOURS charges a $75 cancellation fee per guest if a cruise is cancelled after a first deposit is made and booking is completed. This fee will NOT be deducted from your CruiseFirst Credit amount. You will receive an invoice from Anderson Travel and Tours for the cancellation fee of $75 per guest which is to be paid separately and directly to ANDERSON TRAVEL AND TOURS via check (no credit cards accepted for cancellation fees).
AFTER final payment is made on a cruise booking, I understand that a cancellation does NOT equal a refund and travel insurance must be filed with a valid claim. The cost of travel insurance, the Anderson Travel and Tours cancellation fee and any items deemed non-refundable by the cruise line will not be refunded due to a cancellation after final payment.

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I understand and agree to the terms/conditions as explained to me by ANDERSON TRAVEL AND TOURS and that ANDERSON TRAVEL AND TOURS is not responsible for any changes, errors, negligence or refund amounts/delays made by the designated TRAVEL SUPPLIER (Norwegian Cruise Line).
I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for any charge-back dispute and/or non-payment to Credit Card Company or Issuing Financial Institution. I understand and agree that ANDERSON TRAVEL AND TOURS is not responsible for disputes between me and my credit card company/issuing financial institution regarding holds or charges accrued directly with the TRAVEL SUPPLIER (Norwegian Cruise Line), with the purchase of a CruiseFirst certificate and/or cruise booking, with an on board ship account, and/or any charges in a port destination.
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